Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Week Three: Michelle Obama

"You know, every time somebody told me, 'No, you can't do that,' I pushed past the their doubts and I took my seat at the table."

Michelle Obama, First Lady, United States of America


Anonymous said...

What a great quote and post!

Diana Black said...

Yeah! So glad it spoke to you!


Patty Gironda said...

This one definitely spoke to me!! What an exciting week this was!

Probably for the first time ever in my life-I felt this was "my" government.

I was included in the "we".

Love the blog! Patty Gironda

Diana Black said...

Thanks, Patty, for commenting!

We are lucky, aren't we, to live in this time. As evidenced when the president & Michelle got out of the limo to walk a portion of the parade secret service was not expecting, they both for the first time that day let their guard down and just beamed at the crowd of ordinary citizens, people like you and me (how I wish it had been me!)

I think they both relate to and get energy from the people.

Just what we need...