Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Julia Rogers Hamrick

“Joy is a sort of homing device to guide you back where you belong. When you experience joy, you know you are where you were designed to thrive.”

Julia Rogers Hamrick

Spiritual teacher & visionary author of
“Choosing Easy World”


Barbara said...

I love the image of joy as a homing device.

Joy takes me home... and when I'm centered in myself I know just how to be and what actions to take.

Thanks for sharing this.

Love and blessings...

Brenda MacIntyre said...

Wonderful! Love this. Bring on the joy!


Diana Black said...

Thanks for stopping by ladies!

Joy has been my "word" for the last several years. Used to be "peace" was my goal. Then I realized, heck, might as well go for the gold!

Julia is amazing and I wish her so well with her new book!!