Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Amy Bloom

“All intimacy is rare—that's what makes it precious.”

Amy Bloom

Author, nominee for the National Book Award
and the National Book Critics Circle Award


Sally said...

I've never heard of Amy Bloom (maybe I'm being revealing to admit that), but this quote really, really struck me. Is intimacy really that rare? That was almost reassuring - in a sad way. Sometimes I've just thought that something was wrong with ME because I seem to long for and reject intimacy at the same time - playing it safe. Even with people I love and trust.
So I checked out her web site - what a cool place to visit! I love her "10 things I wish I'd known sooner". I'll suggest her book to my book group for sure.

Diana Black said...

That's awesome, Sally! Exactly what this Women's Wednesday Weblink is all about -- connecting women in so many wonderful ways!

Please keep us posted if your club ends up discussing the book.