Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Harriet Tubman

“I had reasoned this out in my mind, there was one
of two things I had a right to,
liberty or death; if I could not have one, I would have the other.”

—Harriet Tubman
Escaped slave who led many other slaves
to freedom, an abolitionist, Civil War soldier,
and women's rights advocate.
Photo Library of Congress


Robin said...

When my husband and I went down to Williamsburg, VA we took the tour through the Governor's Mansion. Although I loved the life interpreters and the stories they told, I just couldn't bring myself to buy into one of the statements a woman of the house made; that their slaves loved being slaves and working for them; that they were "happy." I tried to comment but of course the job of the interpreter is to live in and relate that time period accurately, from their perspective. But I must protest: human beings are NOT happy in captivity. Period. Death is preferable.

Diana Black said...

Robin, your comment on Women’s Wednesday Weblink is extraordinary. Powerful and wonderfully written. And something for us all to think about...even if our bodies are held captive, we must never allow our spirit to be enslaved. Beautiful insight, dear friend.