Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Mary Manin Morrissey

"When we talk less, we listen more. Through authentically listening, we can send the message: What matters to you matters to me."

—Mary Manin Morrissey
Speaker, best-selling author
and consultant


Crystal Clear Proofing said...

What a great quote! How true that many of us tend to not actually listen to others.

To be the person speaking, it is disconcerting and literally makes us feel bad, as if what we have to say is unimportant.

Giving others your attention when they speak is letting them know that we DO care what they have to say. It's an honor that everyone deserves. And you'll likely get the same attention in return.

(Do unto others...) ♥

Diana Black said...

What? Did you say something, Crystal?

Okay, I'm making a joke, but this is truly something to seriously consider...Are we listening to what the other person is saying, or are we texting, planning dinner or mentally making a to do list? Or, and I think this happens to me a lot, am I thinking how I'll respond to what the person is saying. If I am, then I'm not listening.

Your comments are great, Crystal. It is about giving people the respect they deserve.

Thanks, as always, for stopping by. You always leave insightful thoughts.